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Visual inspection and holiday detection

To ensure the quality of the protective coating, a multi-step quality control process is implemented. 

visual inspections

dimensional control 

electrostatic control 

The application of the coating is monitored through an internal control system, encompassing essential inspections such as visual inspection and holyday detaction. Visual inspection is conducted post-shot blasting, adhering to NACE Standard No. 1/SSPC-SP 5 and NACE SP0287, to assess the surface condition. Following the coating and curing stage, a comprehensive inspection utilizing CCTV and lance-mounted camera is employed, capturing frontal images and generating a detailed map of any existing imperfections.

To ensure mechanical integrity and longevity, multiple tube inspections are conducted, during production focusing on paint adhesion and durability. The process incorporates control systems designed to guarantee precise coating application.

In-line control and inspection of coating

Holiday inspection

Examination and detection of any coating defects to ensure the effective protection against corrosion and maintain the integrity of steel.

Holiday inspection

Basting high steel grit on metal surface is considere the most effective solution for cleaning metal surfaces.

Visual inspection

Comprehensive examination of the surface to identify any visible defects, ensuring the quality and integrity of the coating and identifying any potential areas of concern.

Visual inspection

Blasting abrasive material on the surface effectively eliminate oxidation and impurities.

After cleaning & coating

Regular inspections at every coating phase are essential for maintaining high-quality standards and identifying potential issues early on, ensuring a successful and durable coating application.

After cleaning & coating

This process create the ideal roughness for the application of paint, its recommended before the application. 

Inspection equipment

Our machinery can be equipped with various control equipment, including cameras for visual inspection and a holiday detector, ensuring comprehensive quality control during the coating process.

Quality Inspection

Our team guarantees precise coating application by integrating a control system into our machinery, ensuring accuracy and maintaining high quality throughout the entire coating process.

Control software

Our machinery are top-notch technology for an integrated and automatic line where steel need to be protect.