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Excellence in manufacturing

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Excellence in manufacturing

Welcome to Elixe Manufacturing Solutions, the leading operating company coordinated by MPR srl. Our expertise lies in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge machinery designed specifically for cleaning, coating, and handling steel pipes.

Founded in 2012 in Trento, Italy, MPR embarked on a mission to establish a center of excellence dedicated to producing top-quality equipment to protect oil wells against corrosion.

In 2022, MPR proudly transitioned to full Italian ownership, ushering in a new era of strategic expansion in the global market. This strategic shift allows us to broaden our machinery offerings beyond pipe protection, now encompassing a comprehensive range of products including vessels, heat exchangers, and pipelines.

Elixe Manufacturing Solutions’ new integrated offer raises the industry standard, paving the way for future global growth.

Experience the power of organic coating technology, revolutionizing the protection of oil-well tubing against corrosion. Our dedicated team of engineers and collaboration with renowned universities and research centers have led to the development of cutting-edge chemicals over the past few years.

Solutions for steel protection



Protective Technologies

We manufacture industrial equipment for tubing treatment, including heating, painting, cleaning and other processing using integrated and automated solutions; thanks to an extensive experience gained on the field.

Equipment design and engineering

We like to study, to produce and to improve our ideas, we follow and guarantee our solutions. We like to test new and innovative concepts, to find new ideas that open new visions.

Quality and excellence

Our team is made of selected resources, means and partners, that share our views and give their contribution to the excellence of the Company.

Factory layout

Factory layout design aimed to the plant and production processes that best perform the business.

Machinery production

Our machines are fully produced by our company and by our selected partners in Italy.

Working smart

In our team smart is not only a nice word but also a way of working that define our approach to build an efficient and integrated factory.